In the fascinating territory where Podere Santa Lucia is located in Tossicia, in the province of Teramo, traditional craftsmanship is a precious treasure that reflects the region's tradition and authenticity.

Tossicia, with its cobbled streets and ancient buildings, is a place where craftsmanship is an integral part of the local identity. The skilled hands of Tossicia's artisans bring forth unique and precious creations. Their craftsmanship tells stories of passion, dedication, and mastery. Each artisanal piece is the result of a long and careful process, utilizing techniques passed down through generations.

As you stroll through the narrow streets of Tossicia, you can admire the artisanal creations found in the town's workshops. Copper or ceramic works, wicker weavings, fine textiles, and carved wooden objects are just a few examples of the variety and beauty of local craftsmanship. Each piece is unique and carries the energy and love of the artisans who crafted it.

But the craftsmanship of Tossicia is not limited to artifacts alone. The local gastronomy is also a true artisanal masterpiece. Typical products such as cheese, salami, olive oil, and wine are the result of ancient traditions passed down through generations. Every taste, every aroma is a symphony of flavors that tells the story of the territory and its people.

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