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At Podere Santa Lucia, every animal is treated with respect and care, following the ancient traditions of our grandparents. The animals live in open spaces where they can move freely and enjoy the fresh air and lush pastures of Tossicia. These natural environments promote their healthy growth and well-being, contributing to the production of high-quality meats that are the foundation of all our products.

We are nature breeders because we believe that nature is the primary ingredient in our products. Every animal raised at Podere Santa Lucia is fed with natural food from our fields, ensuring maximum authenticity and goodness..

Our passion for animals translates into extraordinary products, such as fresh and aged meats, cured meats prepared according to traditional recipes, and fresh eggs from our free-range hens. Every bite is a taste of the authenticity and love we dedicate to every stage of the production process.

Nel nostro podere, seguiamo una filosofia di gestione familiare, lavorando per la qualità piuttosto che per la quantità. Ogni momento, dal raccolto alla preparazione dei salumi, è un'occasione per celebrare la nostra passione e l'impegno di tutta la nostra famiglia. L'innovazione tecnologica si unisce all'amore per la natura, garantendo la massima qualità e il controllo su tutta la filiera produttiva.

In our farm, we follow a philosophy of family management, working for quality rather than quantity. Every moment, from harvest to salami preparation, is an opportunity to celebrate our passion and the commitment of our entire family. Technological innovation joins forces with love for nature, guaranteeing the highest quality and control over the entire production chain.

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