The territory where Podere Santa Lucia is located in Tossicia, in the province of Teramo, is rich in vibrant and tangible traditions. This place, nestled in the green hills of Teramo at the foot of Gran Sasso, preserves a rooted and authentic culture that fascinates anyone who visits.

The village of Tossicia is a true treasure trove of culture, where the artisanal tradition of copperwork still lives and breathes. Through ancient crafting techniques, copper is transformed into everyday objects, keeping alive the memory of a culture based on agriculture and livestock. This territory has witnessed the ancient tratturi (transhumance paths), which were transit routes for herds that moved between the cool valleys of Abruzzo and the plains of Puglia every year. This millennia-old tradition connects us to the roots of our culture and reminds us of the importance of our connection with nature and its resources.

Not far from Tossicia is Azzinano, famous throughout Italy for its naive murals that depict traditional games of the past on the walls of houses. With vibrant and cheerful colors, these murals represent a tangible testimony to the traditions and history of the area.

The municipality of Tossicia is also rich in cultural and folkloric events that take place throughout the year. From the evocative historical reenactment "I Mendoza nella Valle Siciliana" to the grand bonfires in honor of Saint Anthony that illuminate the villages of Tossicia and Villa Alzano every January 17th, there are events that allow you to immerse yourself in local traditions and folklore. For food lovers, there are no shortage of food and wine festivals, such as the "fagiolo e della costatella" festival in July and the "sagra del Timballo" in Aquilano and the "bruschetta" in Tozzanella. These festivals offer the opportunity to savor the culinary delights typical of the region.

The territory of Tossicia is a place rich in traditions and culture that can be experienced and discovered in every corner. Through its historical landmarks, folkloric events, and culinary delights, this territory invites you to immerse yourself in the deep roots of a community and create unforgettable emotional experiences.

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